Troubleshooting a Few Common Problems With a Home Pool

Having a home pool can mean fun in the sun with the entire family, but a pool does need maintenance and repair over time. Understanding the common problems you might face with a pool can mean knowing where to start looking when your pool equipment is not functioning as it should. Note a few troubleshooting tips when it comes to your home pool.

1. The pump runs hot and shuts off

Your pool's pump will have air intake vents that help to keep it cool, and if these vents are blocked, the pump can run too hot and then shut off. Make sure there is no debris blocking the vents. Also, flooding can interfere with the pump's internal thermostat and cause it to overheat and then shut down. Note if the area around your pool's pump has adequate drainage so it doesn't get flooded. The wiring to the pump may also be insufficient and not able to handle the amount of power it needs, and in turn the pump works too hard to compensate and overheats. A pool repair person can test the wiring connected to the pump and note if it needs to be upgraded.

2. The filter has reduced water flow back to the pool

Very often, a dirty filter is the cause of reduced water flow back to the pool, or the filter may be moving more water than it should. Check the owner's manual of your pool and note the size of filter that should be connected to the pool; if the manufacturer's filter has been replaced by something too small to handle the amount of water in the pool, it won't allow enough water to flow back to the pool. Check if the filter is clogged with algae or other sediment, as this too can interfere with the water flow.

3. The pool never seems warm enough

The temperature in a heated swimming pool may rise or drop a few degrees, but not so much that it becomes noticeable. If your heated pool never seems warm enough, you could be losing too much heat from your pool overnight, and the heater cannot work fast enough during the day to maintain a comfortable temperature. Invest in a pool covering you use every evening to insulate your pool and keep heat in. You may also need to have the thermostat recalibrated or replaced; a pool repair person can test it to note if it's malfunctioning.

For more information about what may be wrong with your pool, contact a professional pool repair person to come out and take a look.