What Every Pool Owner Should Know about Robotic Pool Cleaners

If you own a pool, you likely have some form of routine that you maintain to keep the pool clean and free of debris. This may include a swimming pool maintenance professional like Cygnet Pool Supplies & Service Pty Ltd visiting your home on a routine basis. In addition to this routine maintenance visit, you may have been informed to consider a robotic pool cleaner. If you are new this idea, or if you aren't sure how one could benefit you, here are a few things every pool owner should know about them.

Cleaning Areas Vary

One of the first things you need to know about robotic pool cleaners is that they do not all clean the same amount of space or areas. Depending on the type of robot you purchase, you can clean the entire pool including the waterline areas and walls. Some generic or basic options will only clean the walls and floor of the pool.  A key point to keep in mind is that the price doesn't always indicate the amount of space the robot will clean, so avoid choosing based on the price and instead choose based on what you need cleaned on a routine basis between professional visits.

Timed and Remote Control Options

There is a misconception that robotic pool cleaners require you to do a lot of manual steps to start the cleaning process. The truth is, there are options available that can be placed on a timer, routine schedule, and even used on remote controls. If you have an issue remembering to turn on your robotic pool cleaner, then a timed option may be best. You can set the timer and scheduling for several weeks in advance or on a permanent cleaning schedule that you don't have to worry about remembering. 

There may be times when you can't step out to the pool to start the robot, like when you have a baby napping or you are preoccupied with in house tasks. In these cases, a robot with a remote would be ideal.

Cleaning Misconceptions

When some pool owners hear the option of using a robot to clean their pool, they may believe this means that a robot is all they need. This is not the case. Though the robot pool cleaning option does help maintain your pool between visits from the swimming pool maintenance technician, it does not keep the pool clean all of the time. You will need to have a professional visit to clean the filters, change the filters, and perform routine maintenance as well.

These are just three of the key points every pool owner should know about robotic pool cleaners. If you are ready to make a purchase, contact your local pool service shop or pool accessories store. They can offer pricing and comparisons to help you find the ideal option for your swimming pool.