Family pools with access for everyone

Family pools are a great way to spend time with friends and family and make the most of the beautiful Australian weather. However shimmying up and down the pool wall or leaping in in the cannonball pose may not be an option for everyone in the family, particularly if you have family members with mobility issues. Here are some design features that can make your swimming pool accessible for all. 

Easy access stairs

Rather than using traditional pool steps, easy access or low slope stairs can help people with stiff knees and hips walk into the pool more easily. The steps also make a great sitting surface for people who are hanging out in the pool for a while, or supervising parents who just want to dip their feet while keeping an eye on older children swimming. 

Ramp access

If you have someone who regularly uses a walker or wheelchair, even if they go without for a few steps to get in the pool, navigating the steps can be hard. A lightly sloped ramp gives them freedom to adjust their gait and take it as slow as they need to shuffle into the pool. Ramps can also be a useful way for people who are less confident in the water to edge their way deeper such as new swimmers. 

Nonslip flooring

Both ramps and stairs can be covered in a nonslip coating. Swimming pool surfaces are very prone to getting quite slippery, from both the water and coatings of sunscreen and lotions. This nonslip coating can help everyone avoid having nasty poolside accidents, as well as help less steady users navigate around the pool. 

Poolside handles

Walking in the pool and hydrotherapy exercises can be a great way to relieve aches and pains and increase mobility for many people with mobility issues. You can help to make this safer by installing pool side grip rails that can be used for support during stationery exercise, and gripped to help people navigate through the pool. Grip bars can also be useful for children who are just learning to swim who may become easily and suddenly tired while in the water. 

If you are looking for a swimming pool that can be used by everyone in the family from the great-grandparents down to brand new babies, then it makes sense to meet with a custom pool designer who can create a family pool perfectly suited your needs and budget.