4 Things That Will Happen When Your Pool Pump Goes Unfixed

For many people out there, a swimming pool is a simple sunken hole filled with water. However, this could be further from the truth. A swimming pool is a delicate system with many interdependent parts. When any of these parts fail, the rest of the system fails as well. The pump, in particular, is a major part of this system; and in this article, discover just how bad things can get if you do not get a broken pool pump fixed.

Your pool water will stagnate

The pool pump is responsible for keeping the pool water circulating through the pump and other components that make up the pump. When the pump fails the pool water stops circulating and begins to stagnate. Soon insects may start to inhabit the water because stagnant water is a common breeding ground. Needless to say, this will make your pool very unattractive for swimming.

Your pool water will start to collect dirt

Next, you pool water will start to get dirty. Solid contaminants in your pool such as leaves, soil and hairs are removed by the filter. However, water only runs through the filter because of the pump's action. Without a working pump, your water will not run through the filter and will start getting dirtier every day.

Your pool water will get cold

Pool heating, just like pool cleaning, is dependent on your pool pump. When the pool pump fails, pool heating will do the same. This is because the water inside the pool is continuously passed through the water heater to keep it warm. This could be a gas heater, a solar heater or an electric heater. When the pump is not fixed immediately your pool water will start to get cold.

Your pool water will become very contaminated

Last but not least, your pool water will also get very contaminated if the pump is not fixed. This is because, in addition to the pump filter not working, the chlorine dispenser will also not be functional. Chlorine is slowly released into the water stream at all times in order to decontaminate it. Without the pool pump, your pool water will not only have solid dirt in it, it will also have other contaminants dissolved in it.

In the end, when you do have pump repairs done, you will have to get all your dirty pool water emptied and your pool cleaned before it can be filled with clean water again. So to avoid all these risks and costs, simply have your pool pump fixed as soon as you start to notice that it's not working, it's working slowly, it's making noises, it's producing smoke, etc.