Three Reasons Why Winter Is The Perfect Time To Have A Pool Built

Now that winter is in full swing and the overnight temperatures in Queensland are dropping to freezing, the last thing you want to do is go swimming. However, it is the perfect time to have a pool built—before the cold days become a memory and the soaring heat returns. As a new homeowner, you know you want to get a pool eventually, but you need convincing as to why now is the perfect time to get this project underway. Here are three good reasons to have a pool built now rather than later.

Tax Return Money

July is the month when the ATO processes and pays the Family Tax Benefit lump-sum payments and other tax refunds. If you are lucky enough to get some money back at the end of the financial year, this money will contribute towards the start of the pool build.

Additionally, many companies structure their advertising at this time of year to entice those getting refunds to spend money with them. Therefore, there are plenty of bargains and discounts on offer, which could make your pool cost less.


Swimming pool installation impacts your garden. Dirt needs to be removed during the pool construction process, and this means your pool builder needs to get into the garden with excavation equipment. Lawn and plants do get damaged during the building process. However, winter means many plants are in a dormant phase of their growth life cycle. This dormancy means that when a pool is built in winter, it won't affect the growing cycle of your plant much. When spring growth occurs, the pool will already be in place, and your plants and lawn can grow and self-repair any damage done to them.

Contractor Availability

Many pool owners wait until spring to build, which means contractors get booked up quickly. Additionally, once the heat of summer arrives, contractors are limited in the number of hours they can work each day, as workers need to be protected from heat stroke during the hottest months of the year. Building a pool in winter means that not only is there less demand on contractor availability, but the working hours are not limited due to hot temperatures. The upside of this to you is that your pool gets built quicker.

Call a swimming pool builder now and get that dream pool designed and the building phase underway. You will be the hero of the family when summer rolls around and the kids get to cool off in your new pool every day.