5 Reason to Choose Mesh Fencing for Your Pool

If you're going to have a pool, you need to have fencing to surround it. It's a vital safety measure, and it also helps keep unwanted animals out of your pool. There are plenty of options available, from simple wood to flashy glass, but there's a reason why mesh is so popular.

Here are just five reasons why mesh fencing is ideal for your pool.

1. Cost-Effective

Installing and maintaining a pool can be expensive – the last thing you want to face is an expensive fence. Luckily enough, mesh fencing is one of the most cost-effective options. The material itself is very cheap, and installing mesh fencing doesn't take anywhere near as long as installing something like wooden fencing or glass fencing.

2. Transparency

Most pool fence materials are opaque. That's fine if you want some privacy, but it's usually more of a problem than a benefit – with the material opaque, you can't see out properly from your pool, and you're also more likely to find patches of shade. Even if you go for slats instead of interrupted fencing, it isn't ideal. Mesh provides a solid screen, but it's also transparent. You'll enjoy uninterrupted views out over your garden, and sunlight will be able to stream in unimpeded.

3. Child-Proof

One of the most important reasons to fit fencing around your pool is to prevent children being able to get in unsupervised. Mesh is ideal in this regard since it is very hard to climb. There aren't any slats or cross bars, so young children aren't able to gain a foothold and clamber over.

4. Easily Removable

Mesh pool fences are made by fixing pressure-mounted mesh panels to poles spaced evenly around the pool. Those pools are installed in cement, tile, or simply in the ground, so they remain fixed to provide a solid anchor. However, the panels themselves can be quickly and easily removed. If you want to clean them, make a little extra space, or pack up for winter, you can do so with ease thanks to this easy removability.

5. Strong

Mesh might not sound like a particularly strong material, but mesh fencing will be made from tightly woven steel or PVC, so durability isn't something you're going to need to worry about. It won't corrode like other metals. It won't splinter like wood. It won't crack like glass. In fact, it won't even take a scratch. And if a mesh screen is damaged, all you need to do is swap it out for another.