Two Misconceptions About Cleaning Swimming Pools

Here are some misconceptions about cleaning swimming pools which, if you're new to pool ownership, you must not fall for.

If your pool isn't used for swimming, you don't need to worry about cleaning it

If your pool is mostly decorative, rather than functional, and you, therefore, rarely swim in it, then you might think that you don't need to pay someone to clean it. However, even if no one steps foot in the pool for months on end, you should still get it periodically cleaned. It is not just people (or their pets) that make pools dirty. Things like dust and bird droppings, as well as loose pet hairs and soil particles that the wind blows into the water, will, over the course of time, make the water very dirty.

This dirtiness will not only make the pool water look muddier and less sparkly (which might bother you if you want it to be a decorative feature) but will also clog up its filter and potentially lead to this component's breakdown. This resultant reduction in water filtration and the subsequent stagnation of the water may lead to algae forming on the pool's walls. If you allow things to get this bad, you might not only need a new filter but might also have to empty out the pool and then have a contractor deep-clean it and treat it with an algaecide before they refill it for you. By letting a pool contractor do a bit of light pool cleaning every fortnight, you can keep the water beautifully clean and the pool filter functional.

Swimming pool cleaning services are very expensive

Some people who are unused to owning a pool are under the impression that using a pool-cleaning service will cost them a fortune. This can put them off using this service. In reality, the only situation in which a pool-cleaning session might be expensive is if the pool is both very large and incredibly dirty.

The price for a basic pool clean is typically quite affordable. Furthermore, having the pool undergo a basic clean regularly could save you the expenses you would incur if you got into the above-mentioned situation (such as the cost of the algaecide and the filter, as well as the extra labour hours the pool contractor would need to put in to do all of this work).

Contact a company that provides swimming pool cleaning services to learn more.